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Test doubles over the wire

Developing microservices is complex and testing its integration is even more complex. Assuring availability of all the inter-dependent services with up-to-date builds in the test environment is quite a tedious & costly setup to maintain. Stubs and mocks on the other hand are cheap, easily maintainable and they make integration tests predictable and repeatable....

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Function purity in F sharp

Coming from an OO background and not very comfortable with F#, below was my first attempt to write a use case. I basically tried to mimic a use case in a typical ports and adapters project from one of the C# projects. This use case serves a basic purpose which is to update the dimensions of a product, if it exists, of course...

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Functional domain modeling

Lately, I've been reading about functional paradigm and related programming languages. More I read about it, more I feel that modeling domains in pure C# (or Java for that matter) is unnatural and does not communicate the intent of the domain clearly...

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Test driven development with Typescript

In this article, I will demonstrate how to write testable code using TypeScript. I assume that the reader is familiar with JavaScript, heard about Typescript and has done or secretly desires to do test driven development....

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